Saturday, April 16, 2011

Plants and Pots

I had got two Bonsai's 6 weeks back and now they are finally Blooming. I am happy and all smiles and its wonderful to see them bloom.

This one here with the yellow flowers is Tecomaria Capensis, commonly known as Cape HoneySuckle. Every day water and full sunlight are her requirements and one fine morning she bloomed in bunches.

The one on the right is Adenium Obesum commonly known as Desert rose - shrubby one that survives in deserts. The unique character of this tree is its fat trunk which is used to store water and hence the name "Obesum". Its native to western Africa and Arabia.I love this one and especially its fat base.Normally its easier for me to allocate a gender to these plants and refer to them as he/she. But this one is very manly with its fat trunk and strong base but at the same time requires extreme care and tenderness of a woman. I have been waiting for this one to bloom and finally the day arrived with several small buds and one flower. I had watered her in the morning and there was no sign of a flower, half hr later when I had come out to place her in the sun, there was a bright pink flower. I still regret not having witnessed it:-) She has to be placed in sun all day and requires water only twice a week. Overwatering causes her to shed her leaves and extreme care has to be taken in winter as this is a tropical plant and needs high temperatures to survive.

Now I am all set to invest in Plants and as a start I decided to buy two simple pots one weeknd and paint them with the left over Asian paints at home :-) They have turned out pretty well. Need to plant some kitchen herbs in these ones. I love the colors and haven't had the heart to fill them up with soil yet. Cheers to more colorful Pots :-)


Ambika said...

Super colorful stuff Sumi! Is the green one outside your green guestroom? :) Nice n peppy ones these.

Preethi said...

Hey Sumi.. I just had a look at these. Lovely :) Adenium is beautiful. How does it propagate? Does it need seeds or can I grow by stem cutting? I got a small cutting of pink adenium and planted it yesterday- just trying my luck :) Give us more updates on ur garden